general superintendent service 

General Superintendent's Service

September 28th 7:00pm EST
Speaker: Kenneth F. Haney

The first official service of the 82nd annual General Conference began on Thursday night.  Just before the service began, T.F. Tenney presented to us a need and the means to meet it.  The Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, a home for troubled teen boys, is an endorsed organization with the United Pentecostal Church.

Sam Emory kicked off the service by leading us in worship.  During the service, the men and women who were elected or appointed during our business meetings were presented to the Conference attendees.

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With the service only halfway over, our beloved Brother Kenneth Haney addressed the constituency of the United Pentecostal Church during the annual General Superintendent's message Thursday night.  With passion and through tears, Brother Haney preached "Empowered for this Hour".  A message calling us all back to the same fervor and passion that was deep in the soul of our ancestors.

A message marrying the past with the present.  A marriage certain of a promising future.  A future that will carry us until the coming of the Lord.

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