special inspirational service 


September 30th 10:30am EST
Speakers: Kenneth F. Haney & J. T. Pugh


Only three letters.  In fact, only two different letters.  But the only word befitting the "Passing the Mantle" service of 2006 is wow.

The Mangun family, beginning with Elder G.A. Mangun and ending with the young Gentry Mangun spoke concerning their heritage as a multi-generational family in the Apostolic faith.  The Williams, beginning with Elder Jesse Williams and ending with Daryle Williams of Florida, spoke concerning their heritage in the Apostolic faith.

Tom Trimble led us in a timely and timeline worship medley, beginning with an old hymn and ending with a contemporary chorus.  Then, he introduced to us a new inspiring chorus called "Our Generation."

Dr. David Norris, acting as the Apostle Paul and Jacob Tapia, acting as his son in the Gospel, Timothy presented a melodrama which concluded in the question, "who will take this [Paul's] mantle?" 

Kenneth Haney, our Superintendent, came up and took up the mantle just before introducing our speaker, J.T. Pugh.  Brother Pugh preached to us "The Generation of the Second Crossing."  At the conclusion of his moving message, the elders laid hands on younger ministers and imparted something both naturally and spiritually to them. 

To the licensed ministers, 40 years old and under, the elders laid a mantle on them.  The non-licensed ministers of the same age group were given bottles of anointing oil.

Many of the ministers lingered in the altar.  In the stands.  In the presence of the Lord.  In a word, wow.

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