foreign missions division 

"Many Cultures - One Hope"

September 30th 7:00pm EST
Speaker: Steve Willoughby

The service kicked off with instruments and voices from all over the world being lifted in worship unto God.  Many cultures, but one hope.  Many cultures, but one God.

During the offering, Paul Mooney, Norm Paslay, Wayne Francis and others teamed up to lead us in giving.  These three men read through scores of names of churches in just a matter of minutes who had already pledged to give.  They called these churches "first responders".  From these first responders, over half of the missionaries were sent from the Conference back to the field.

Not too long after this, the rest of the Conference responded and was successful in sending all 12 missionaries presented to the field.  But not just the 12 presented.  The response was so great, that two (2) more missionary families were sent from the Conference to the field.

During the offering, Foreign Missions raised approximately $500,000 to fund crusades all over the world.

Steve Willoughby preached "The Culture of Christ."  The culture of Christ breaks all the barriers.  It is a culture of prayer, worship, and giving.

Just when we thought the giving was over, brothers and sisters responded from all over the arena with another wave of giving.  In what was described as a sovereign move of God, Steve Willoughby began calling for apostolic giving.  One by one, they lined up at the altar to give.

Some are selling their trucks.  Some are selling their timeshares.  Some giving from the proceeds of their homes.  Insurance policies.  Savings accounts.  Some taking the money from other projects and giving to Foreign Missions.
As of this writing on Sunday, October 1, Foreign Missions has reported a total giving of $2.4 million.

God moved on men.  Some came to the Conference.  Some called into the Conference.  But all gave.


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