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Sunday, October 1st

The last count we received was that 1108 received the Holy Ghost and 86 were baptized in Jesus' name!

Updated: October 3, 12:51pm

People are getting healed all over the Arena!

5 more over the Internet have received the Holy Ghost!

As of now, over 1,000 have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The totals keep coming in! People over the Internet, viewing our webcast, have received the Holy Ghost as well. The average has been fifteen people per minute!
Over 80 have been baptized in Jesus' name!

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Crusade Service

We're underway.  The Sunday evening crusade, in which by faith, we will see over 1,000 baptized with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus' name.  Join us!
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Saturday, September 30th

Foreign Missions Service

Right now, through what Brother Willoughby is describing as a sovereign move of God, men and women are coming from all over the world giving $10,000 to Foreign Missions.  One young man has come up, unable to give $10,000, so he has offered to give himself and go wherever God wanted him to go.

So far, 14 missionary families are being sent from the Conference to the field.  The church has also pledged over $500,000.00 for crusades around the world.
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Friday, September 29th

Home Missions Service

Jerry Dillon is preaching from Acts 1:1-3 - "The Passion that Brings a Pentecost"

This year's annual offering/pledges, taken up by Wayne Huntley, has come in and is being totaled. Stay tuned for the total.
Flags were given to each of those in attendance who gave.

Jonathan Moore sang the National Athem as part of a dramatization/DVD presentation of "The Cost of Freedom."
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Media Missions
The division announced new formats that have been or are being released this year, including:
HopeRadio - online apostolic music and sermon downloads
HopeTunes - music from the Pentecosal Music Association
HopeUniversity - apostolic lessons on theology by David Bernard, Mark Jordan, and Daniel Seagraves
HopeMessage - sermons from Jerry Jones and Scott Graham
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Updated: Sept 29, 2006 - 9:20 pm EST

Business Session 1
Review the results of the business session.

Mother's Memorial 2006 Offering:
Total: $2,318,762.85
1st place: Louisiana - $244,000.00
2nd place: Florida - $150,078.46
3rd place: Arkansas - $110,582.89

Special honor given to: Nona Freeman, Eunilah Mean, and Else Lund
Authors recognized: Nona Freeman, Vesta Mangun, Bobbye Wendell, Else Lund, Eunilah Mean

Sis. Haney shared many stories of answered prayer, miracles and things God had done to inspire the younger generation to accept the call to service and dedication.

The minister's wives were challenged to accept the following vows:
1. Will you this day, Sept 28th, 2006, accept the challenge of the Spirit to renew your walk with God and dedicate your life anew?
2. Will you give yourself to prayer and daily study of God's Word?
3. Will you pray for revival?
4. Will you surrender your bodies to Jesus Christ?
5. Will you vow to live a life of purity and holiness, maintaining a good character as examples of Jesus Christ?
6. Will you do what you can do to fulfull the great commission?

The Passing of the Mantle:
AIM workers came forth first to receive their mantles from the older missionary women. Minister's wives, 50 and younger, came forth next, as the mantles were wrapped around the young women and prayers were prayed over all those participating.
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Wednesday, September 27th
Things have been busy with setup and preparations for this year's conference. The Convention Center is in full swing with booths from each of our divisions, as well as outside businesses. Aristists and speakers have already been practicing and the audio/visual/media/IT groups have been working non-stop preparing.

Conference kicks off this year with the Pentecostal Music Association's artists: Mickey Mangun, Jeff Hennigan, Terry Black, David Elms, Karen Harding, Bobbie Shoemake, Tim Pedigo, Stan Gleason, Tony Hibbert, Adena Pedigo, Tom Trimble, Jeremy Hoffee, Doug Davis, Hugh Rose, Jeff Harpole, Nancy Grandquist, Norman Paslay, Donnie Martin, Carroll McGruder, Miquell Hennigan, Anthony Mangun, and Laird Sillimon.

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