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Friday, September 29, 2006

Welcome to our second and final day of business.  The business meeting will begin at 9:00 AM EST.  We will be posting the results of today's business here as soon as it comes in.   Please continue to refresh this page for updated results.

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9:46 AM Resolution 5:  Passed  
10:20 AM

Resolution 6:  Referred to a committee

10:58 AM Resolution 7:  Defeated  
11:30 Resolution 8:  Passed as amended  
11:31 Resolution 9:  Passed  

Thursday, September 28, 2006

2:20 PM Meeting adjourned until tomorrow.  
Resolution 1: Passed as amended
Resolution 2: Defeated
Resolution 3: Passed
Resolution 4: Passed

1:15 PM The Conference has recessed for a few minutes before the Resolutions Committee presents the resolutions to the Conference.  
1:07 PM The Conference has elected Craig Wilbanks, J.T. Pugh, and Jerry Dillon to the Ministers' Appeals Council.  
1:06 PM The conference has elected Doug Davis, Sr. as the Regional Executive Presbyter of the Northeast region.  
1:03 PM Scott Graham is endorsing the personalized outreach campaigns from PPH.  
1:02 PM Mark Christian is finishing the Pentecostal Publishing House presentation. PPH is presenting personalized outreach campaigns. Just visit for more information.  
12:58 PM Granville McKenzie is thanking the Conference for their vote.  
12:57 PM The Conference has elected Granville McKenzie as the Regional Executive Presbyter of Canada.  
12:51 PM Bruce Howell is promoting Foreign Missions. He reports that the Foreign Missions Division has started over 1,000 new churches overseas.  
12:48 PM The Conference elected James Carney as the Executive Presbyter of the Southcentral region.  
12:47 PM The Conference elected Linda Gleason as the Secretary of Ladies Ministries.  
12:41 PM The Conference elected Tommy Hudson as the Executive Presbyter of the Southwest region.  
12:40 PM The Conference elected Michael Blankenship as the Executive Presbyter of the Southeast region.  
General Board Appointments  
  Scotty Teets
Tommy Hudson
Bryan Abernathy
Norm Paslay
Mark Parker

Division of Christian Education
Secretary: Darrell Johns
Member: J. Hugh Rose
Member: Ken Gurley

Radio Commission Members
David Hutton
Larry Grisham
Robert Akers

Board of Publication Members
J.M. Russell
Mark Jordan

Board of the Urshan Graduate School of Theology
James Beardsley
Brother Hathaway
Janet Trout
Jesse Williams

12:32 PM Robbie Knox is thanking the Conference for their vote.  
12:31 PM The Conference has elected Robbie Knox as the General Sunday School Secretary.  
12:05 PM Carlton Coon is promoting the Home Missions Division. "The church is universal, but in effectiveness, it's local." Don Hanscom reports that there is a sovereign move of God in the Amish and Mennonite Community.  
12:18 PM Norm Paslay is promoting Media Missions. One of the features of Media Missions is In 2007, Media Missions will be presenting three new formats. You can find more information at  
12:18 PM The Conference is praying for the churches around the United Pentecostal Church International.  
12:16 PM Kenneth Haney is presenting a prayer request to the Conference.  
12:10 PM David Bernard is promoting the Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He announced that the school has graduated 13 with their Master's degree. "We believe we'll be ready for accredidation in 2008." You can find more information at  
12:05 PM Stephen Drury is promoting the United Pentecostal Foundation and the E3 Conference. You can find more resources at  
12:02 PM Robin Johnston is promoting the Center for Study of Oneness Pentecostalism. "We have digitized the Pentecostal Herald from 1945-2004." He announced that he is looking for anyone with any issues of the Apostolic Herald or the Outlook, former publications of the Oneness movement.  
11:59 AM Shay Mann is thanking the Conference for their vote.  
11:58 AM The Conference has elected Shay Mann as General Youth Secretary.  
11:56 AM Don Gillis is resuming his promotion for PC Study Bible 4.0.  
11:55 AM Collecting the ballots for Sunday School Secretary. The two candidates are Robbie Knox and Cecil Daniels.  
11:45 AM Don Gillis promoting PC Study Bible 4.0, complete with definitions from J.R. Ensey's Cyclopedic Theological Dictionary.  
11:40 AM Gary Erickson is promoting Sunday School literature from Word Aflame.  
11:38 AM The Conference elected Carl Varnell as Foreign Misisons Secretary.  
11:36 AM The Conference elected Travis Miller as Home Missions Secretary.  
11:20 AM Mark Christian is promoting Pentecostal Publishing House products and resources.  

10:53 AM

Jerry Jones is offering his appreciation to the Conference for their vote and for the United Pentecostal Church International as a whole.  
10:53 AM The Conference elected Jerry Jones as the General Secretary/Treasurer on the nominating ballot.  
10:52 AM Kenneth Haney is leading the Conference is prayer for the "Pass the Mantle" service.  
10:45 AM Todd Gaddy is promoting the Saturday morning "Pass the Mantle" service.  
10:33 AM The Conference is making nominations for the remaining electable offices.  
10:27 AM The Conference is voting on the General Secretary/Treasurer.  
10:23 AM Kenneth Haney is offering further voting instructions and prayer.  
10:19 AM Tony Copple is giving the Conference voting instructions.  
10:17 AM Paul Mooney is giving the Conference voting qualifications.  
  General Business  
10:16 AM The motion to receive the Roster Committee's report was approved and the applicants seated.  
10:14 AM The Roster Committee is presenting the list of applicants to the Conference.  
10:13 AM The Conference approved the reading of the Pentecostal Publishing House Manager's report.  
10:07 AM Robert Fuller is reading the Pentecostal Publishing House Manager's report.  
10:06 AM The Conference approved the reading of the financial report.  
10:02 AM Jerry Jones is reading the financial report.  
9:53 AM Kenneth Haney is reading the General Superintendent's report. "The increased passion for reaching a LOST WORLD is apparent, for it is the theme of conference meetings being conducted...."  
9:26 AM Jerry Jones is reading the minutes of the 2005 General Conference Business Session.  
9:21 AM Randy Keyes is praying for the Conference and today's business.  
9:19 AM Paul Mooney is reading the devotion for today's business.  
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