Photo Gallery

   Sunday Morning
Sunday Evening Crusade
Billy Cole
Sunday Morning
Dan Rigdon, Wayne Huntley
 Saturday Evening  Saturday Morning
Home Missions Service
David Bernard
Inspirational Service
Jesse Williams
 Friday Evening  Friday Afternoon

Foreign Missions
Scott Graham


Ladies Ministries

Youth Day
Brent Brosam
 Thursday  Thursday Morning
Thursday Evening
Kenneth Haney
Ladies Day
Barbara Willoughby and Lee Stoneking
 Wednesday  Pre-Conference Setup
PMA Expo
First ever PMA expo featuring over 12 artists and groups from the United Pentecostal Church International. 


September 28, 2005
"There is Hope for Today" Interview with Lee Stoneking


September 28, 2005
IT Department during the service

Conference Setup
September 26-27, 2005
setup of equipment and staging

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